Do not miss a chance to submit your abstract for the IASS/AIS World Congress 2024 in Warsaw, Poland. You are invited to submit the abstract in one of the following topics or panels (with Conveners):

  • Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Modelling Systems of Reality
  • Conceptions of the Worldhood in Phenomenological, Metaphysical, and Mythical Thought
  • Text and Text-Processing Activities Associated with Different Types of Discourse
  • Constituents of Physical, Anthropic, and Semiotic Cosmologies
  • The Role of the Semiosphere in Relation to the Biosphere in the Structure of the Geospheres
  • Hominization of the World: The Impact of the Noosphere on the Evolution of the Biosphere
  • Epistemology as a Transsemiotic Cartography of Human Knowledge
  • The Role of Instrumentation and Technology in Mapping the World
  • Semiotic Landscapes of Creativity in the Anthropogenic Transformation of Reality
  • Others
  • Semiotics and National Identity (Sebastián Moreno Barreneche)
  • Semiotics of Religion (Jenny Ponzo, Massimo Leone)
  • Semiotics of Guilt. Reconstructing Collective Shame and False Confessions in Digital Media and Beyond (Cristina Greco)
  • Pluriverses of Latin American Semiotics (Germán García, Mónica Cataño, Andrés Castiblanco)
  • Facing Multiple-Realities: Semio-Anthropology and Cultural Worlds (Ludovic Châtenet, Angelo Di Caterino)
  • Semiotics of Political and Strategic Communication: Unpacking Semiotic Processes, Conflict, and Security in Modern Society (Andreas Ventsel, Ott Puumeister)
  • The Sign We Missed: Semiotics of the Artefact (Barend Van Heusden)
  • Signs and Realities in the Semiotics Discourse of Space and Time (Dragana Vasilski, International Association for Semiotics of Space and Time)
  • On Aboutness (Barend Van Heusden)
  • Enunciation and Pragmatics: Sociosemiotics and Culture in Digital Times (Eliseo Colon-Zayas)
  • The Cultural Semiotics of Jingshen and Cognitive Homeostasis (Hongbing Yu, Jie Zhang)
  • Transference between Realities: Semiotic Relativity and Umwelt Building (Hongbing Yu)
  • Sign of Disaster, Disaster of Sign (Mohamed Bernoussi)
  • Semiotic Wars: A Study of Semiotic Weaponisation (Robert Boroch, Anna Korzeniowska-Bihun)
  • Communicology: Reality Convergence of Semiology and Phenomenology (Richard L. Lanigan, Jacqueline Martinez)
  • The Nature of Iconicity (Nastazja Stoch, Aleksandra Horecka, Piotr Kozak)
  • Semiotics of Industrial Art: between Technology, Politics and Senses (Jia Peng, Alin Olteanu, Jorge Urueña Lopez)
  • (Re)Designing Realities (Rodrigo Morais, Roberto Chiachiri, Camila Nascimento, Samuel Rodeia, Gonçalo Figueiredo)
  • Semiotics and the Elderly: Embracing a Semiotic Approach to Understanding an Ageing Society (Federico Bellentani, Massimo Leone)
  • Aspects of the Prosaic (Semir Badir, Carolina Lindenberg Lemos)
  • Semiotic Explorations of Ecology (in Design, Architecture, Urbanism, Landscaping) (Isabel Marcos, Claudio Guerri)
  • Semiotics of Nature-Culture Relations (Katarzyna Machtyl)
  • Faces Reloaded: Rebirth, Reproduction, Revival, and Regeneration in Digital Semiotics (Massimo Leone, Cristina Voto)
  • How Do We Exist With Our Signs... On the Epistemological Foundations of Semiotics (Eero Tarasti)
  • Internaturality and Meaning (Gianfranco Marrone, Tiziana Migliore)
  • Women, Femininity, and Gender…Who We Gonna Call? Semiotics! (Cristina Voto, Maria Giulia Dondero, Marita Soto, Daria Arkhipova, Alunimé Rosso)
  • Semiotic and Artistic Realities (Małgorzata Gamrat)
  • Jerzy Pelc and Polish Semiotics (Tadeusz Ciecierski, Małgorzata Gamrat)
  • Semiotics of Sustainability: Reinterpreting Waste and Cultural Heritage (Francesco Mazzucchelli, Elonora Chiais, Massimo Leone)
  • 40 Years of Musical Semiotics (Małgorzata Gamrat, Eero Tarasti)
  • Semiotic Approaches to Image Generation Models (Maria Giulia Dondero, Tiziana Migliore, International Association for Visual Semiotics)
  • On Sign Typologies: Indices, Index and the Connection between Sign and Reality (Semir Badir, Eugenio Israel Chávez Barreto)
  • Enunciation and Reality (Darrault-Harris Ivan)
  • Semiotics of Consumption (Clotilde Perez, Clarissa M. R. Gagliardi, Paulina Gómez Lorenzini, Liliana De Simone, Vanessa Saiz, Rafael Orlandini)
  • Fashion, Semiotics and Reality: How Fashion Designs Gender Realities? (José María Paz Gago, Bianca Terracciano, Maya Marx Starque, Giulia Adriana Ceriani, Román Padín, Janiene Santos, Mirela Perez, Jacqueline Ausier, André Peruzzo, Andréia Meneguete)
  • Semiosis in Platformization and Digital Mediation (Eneus Trindade, Arlete Dos Santos Petry, Filipe Perez)
  • Multiple Panoramas of Latin American Semiotics (Emiliano Vargas, Baal Delupi, Mónica Santillán, Roberto Chiachiri, Neyla G. Pardo Abril, Luis Ospina)
  • Sign Systems and Sign Users in Ecological Settings (Elżbieta Magdalena Wąsik)
  • Brand Semiotics (Silvio Sato, Paulo Lencastre, Nuno Corte-Real, Carolina Boari)
  • Semiotics of Human Rights (Roberto Chiachiri, Maria Ogécia Drigo, Luciana Coutinho Pagliarini de Souza, Maria Alzira de Almeida Pimenta, Clotilde Perez)
  • Semiotics of Sexual-Emotional Relations: From Post-Confinement to Artificial Intelligence, Including Dating Sites and Video Games (Rafael Del Villar, José Miguel Labrin)
  • Social Realities in Crisis and Pathways to Peace: Semioethical Perspectives on Signs, Languages, Ideologies, and Their (Mis)Interpretation (Susan Petrilli, Devon Schiller)
  • General Semiotics: Blending Structuralism and Pragmatism (Jamin Pelkey, Tyler James Bennett)
  • The Role of Signs for Representing Contested Realities in Media, Text and Performance (Muthiah Ramakrishnan, Burla Venkata Naresh)
  • Unresolved Problems in Biosemiotics (Donald Favareau, Kalevi Kull)
  • Semiotics of Videogames, Interactive, and Generative Media (Kristian Bankov, Everardo Reyes, Mattia Thibault)
  • Forgotten Semiotics / Semiotic Forgetting (Daina Teters)
  • Hidden Orders Behind Visual Cultures (Daina Teters, MetaMind Group)
  • Advertising Semiotics (Bruno Pompeu, Ana Elisa Antunes Viviani, Maria Ogécia Drigo, Roberto Schmidt, Rogério Covaleski, João Ciaco)
  • Logical Semiotics in Poland (Anna Brożek, The Lvov-Warsaw School Research Center)
  • Semiotic Diversity (Anne Hénault, Maria-Giulia Dondero, Jean-François Bordron, Enzo D’Armenio)

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